A “Pandemic”?

Yearly number of deaths registered in England and Wales.

In 2017 there were: 533,253 deaths

In 2018 there were: 541,589 deaths

In 2019 there were: 530,841 deaths

In 2020 there were: ? deaths.

The official figures for 2020 are, at least in my brief research, difficult to come by. Of course there is a day or two still left in 2020 but one would have thought the latest figures would be readily available considering the public interest. My guess is the mortality rate in England & Wales for 2020 will be higher than previous years but not substantially so and hardly what one might expect for a so-called “pandemic”.

Nevertheless it would be good to know the truth of the matter.

2 thoughts on “A “Pandemic”?

  1. John Hopkins actually recently did a study where the current death toll for 2020 was less than previous years. Deaths that’s normally would be caused by things like heart disease were being reported at covid. Almost a directly proportional relationship between lower deaths from traditional causes and higher deaths from covid. Interestingly, the researchers removed the study from fear of it being used as “misinformation”. Sounds pretty informative to me. -Kraken

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