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A timeless classic and I am sure many have said similar and for very good reasons which are apparent to anyone who wants to learn more about the faith of this Saint. The writing and translation in this Penguin edition is far superior in my opinion to the OUP edition. Compare the passages and I think most, but not all, will agree.

Saint Augustine, observes: “They look for happiness, not in you, but in what you have created.” This is the autobiography of a proud and intelligent man of rhetoric, a philosopher, a gnostic, and a sinner who spent well over ten years considering the pros and cons of Christianity. Yet many have deliberated longer including myself.

Nevertheless, events finally reach a climax when Augustine hears about the conversion of two younger men who give their lives to Christ within hours of knowing more about the Christian faith. In light of this Augustine goes into the garden and throws himself in misery at the feet of a merciful God.


One thought on “Confessions

  1. I really enjoyed reading this book when I was a fairly new Christian. I think I read the same edition as you. I found it to be a really moving and powerful read and I’d like to read it again sometime. Blessings, Steven

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