Popes, Emperors, Kings & Laity

“Even in his brightest hours fallen man is never far from disaster.”

History as seen from an Orthodox Catholic viewpoint. Compare and contrast with history taught in secular state education in almost any country in the West during the past forty years which very often inculcates, consciously or unconsciously, a Marxist bias obsessed with either the Industrial Revolution of Victorian England or, more recently, WW2 and Nazi Germany. One reason for this is a need to brainwash generations of students into an atheistic mindset overly concerned with issues of social equality and egalitarianism. As a result of state inspired indoctrination even the best students will find it very difficult indeed ‘to leap out of their own time and cultural conditioning’, to borrow a turn of phrase applied by the author to opponents of Simon de Montfort in Vol. 3.

Moreover the mainstream media promulgates a radical left-liberal agenda dressed-up as news stories. One only has to evaluate the worth of many headline Press reports to discover that they are very often littered with propaganda and advertising under the guise of news. President Trump is often vilified and subjected to various stages of defamation of character by the media. This onslaught continues month after month until a compelling narrative of culpability is firmly fixed in uncritical or malleable minds. One result is a lunatic culture where people declare a sexual identity according to how they feel. As Prof. Carroll writes (in Vol 2): “Man’s will is indeed free, but without the grace of God man will use his freedom only to enslave himself.”

A History of Christendom includes notes and references yet such is the style and verve of the writing that one can easily forget this is a scholarly work and not a novel. For example The March Across the World (in Vol.1) the life of the incomparable Macedonian King Alexander the Great is told in an astonishing chapter hectic like its subject in pace and scope. Alexander’s conquests were foretold in The Book of Daniel which, for those with faith, indicates God’s providence. The Gospel of St. Luke was written in Greek to appeal to this wider audience immersed in Hellenistic culture especially so in Asia Minor where the Apostles initially preached.

This series of books – a scholarly history in six volumes written by Prof. Warren Carroll – informs the reader that “The author holds that God and individual men and women, not impersonal social and economic forces, make history.” Whether you agree with this statement or not may depend on reading about this particular history of Christendom. God is the context: He is our refuge and our strength. This is not popular secular history as our culture and apostasy understands it but it is far nearer the truth than anything else you are ever likely to read. Biblical prophecy, The Incarnation, miracles, testimony, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection, Grace, martyrdom, divine revelation, saints, apostles, prayer, faith, sacraments and The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; this is the story of objective truth, but also of Man’s pride and rebellion against his Creator. Whether one believes or not is the mystery of faith.



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