When all is said and done


“Father Francis, however, sitting in his upright chair on the other side of the hearth, brought down the average; for, though his brown eyes were pleasant and pathetic, there was no strength in his face; there was even a tendency to feminine melancholy in the corners of his mouth and the marked droop of his eyelids.”


The Lord of the World, written by Robert Hugh Benson, is a warning for Catholics but has become something of a blueprint for Modernists.

It describes a world to come. This prophetic writing is from 1908 and forewarns of the secular humanist world we live in today, which promotes state controlled cultural Marxism. Traditional Catholicism is marginalised. Then, after rationalising that the only way to peace is through war, attacked and destroyed.

Father Francis is a Freemason. He is a minor character but plays a significant role, if not only for informing the reader of the real power behind the facade of democracy. After leaving the Catholic Church, Father Francis offers his services to a leading Marxist – and the services of one hundred other apostate priests – in order to bring about a New Church featuring a quasi-religious ceremony that worships Man, not God.

As one might have gathered this is a prophetic dystopian novel which heralds the appearance of the anti-Christ. Apparently Pope Francis loves this book.







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