Beowulf’s Brexit


Nigel Farage: Beowulf

Westminster’s political elite: Grendel (The Monster)

The EU: Grendel’s Mother.


An English inscribed stone cross circa 7th century.

So. The battle begins. Armies are gathering supporters. In London the monster (Grendel) has grown out of all proportion and threatens people throughout Great Britain. Until now all challengers have been smeared and never recovered. Yet hope remains. Beowulf, who renounces all weapons, has emerged to challenge Grendel in the political swamp known as Westminster. Grendel has influential supporters – many of whom financially benefit in some way from Grendel’s power. Journalists and the media do Grendel’s bidding by employing the predictable tactic of smearing a worthy opponent before battle. Despite the propaganda more and more people are gathering behind the fearless Beowulf. Yet people know that even if Beowulf defeats Grendel he must then face Grendel’s Mother. But there is no alternative. The political class are out of control. They have lied, smeared, broke promises, given away national sovereignty. They have even used people’s taxes for their own purposes or financial gain. Grendel and his Mother have infiltrated institutions and now threaten everything Beowulf and the people hold dear. Under threat is national sovereignty, independence, liberty, identity, free speech, traditions and customs – and a unique way of life that was once revered throughout the world. It is an ancient tale. Let battle commence.


Afterword: By their fruits you shall know them. 

Since this blog was first posted over two years ago the people of Britain were actually allowed to vote in a Referendum on the EU. And guess what? The people wanted OUT! Beowulf won!! Yet it was hoped that the ruling political elite would honour the latest EU Referendum result and democratic right of the British people who voted for independence and national sovereignty. Instead politicians continually obstruct and frustrate Brexit instead of forging ahead to immediate freedom and independence. Politicians talked for almost a year about Brexit and then, after one of the most apathetic campaigns on record, held an unnecessary General Election in order to strengthen a bargaining position. The result actually weakened Brexit and such was the election campaign malaise some have wondered whether this is what they secretly wanted. It was hoped that Beowulf’s magnificent achievement would have been enough. It is clearly evident that it is not. Although initially defeated EU bureaucrats will not relinquish their power over a weak Parliament and supine British politicians. Denmark, Holland, France and Ireland have all in their time voted against closer integration with the EU and then, amidst rumours of plots and political intrigue, a globalist EU agenda has continued unabated gaining more power and control of aforementioned sovereign states. Only divine intervention can overcome this diabolically inspired New World Order and those who conspire to thwart the will of the British people.



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