What we are meant to become


“It is not what we are that is important but what we are meant to become.”

Saint Benedict.

And what we are meant to become are saints. Holy people. Not just good people. Good isn’t good enough. That is why Catholics believe in the sacraments and go to confession. There is a prescribed remedy for sin. Not an excuse to sin again but a way in helping each and every penitent soul on its journey to God.

October 13th is the 100th anniversary of The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. This means that there are thirteen weeks left until The Feast of Saint Luke who in his Gospel (13:3) implored penance and faith in Jesus Christ before expecting God’s mercy:

“…but unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish.” 

What we can expect to happen in October 2017 truly only God knows but there is every reason for souls to do what they can to free themselves from distractions, addictions and attachments which bind and enslave preventing many from finding true freedom in Jesus Christ.

For instance I could never have envisaged a life without alcohol until I made a vow to Jesus Christ to never drink alcohol again. I know now what freedom is and how enslaved I was to a world so much in need of God’s Grace yet so reluctant to accept this divine free gift. The alternative is pretty grim: Hell. Whether you live in it now, or later for all eternity, it is best avoided. Aim for Heaven instead. Become a saint.


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