Duel in the Desert



It is essential for any Christian to know more about the life, death and resurrection. The author of To Know Christ Jesus describes and explains the foreground and background with especial regard for context and faith. The excerpt shown below is given because it helps us in understanding the spiritual drama which impacts on all souls. Each and every man must decide whether they do things their way and follow their own path or whether they follow the way, and the truth, and the life, of Jesus Christ. What is at stake is not just beauty, depth and quality of real lives but the eternal destiny of every soul. Many of us grope our way forward in darkness until discovering a beam of light that affords a foothold onto and into faith, grace and eternal salvation in and through Our Lord Jesus Christ. By reading this book one can begin such a journey with greater confidence.

“Man is not the summit of creation. He is made in God’s image, but so are the angels. And they are higher in nature than man; for the spirit by which they are like God is the whole of their being, none of its energy has to go into animating a body, it does not depend upon a body for knowledge of the created universe. In nature they are, indeed, not only higher than man, they tower over him. But they, too, had to be tested before they reached the goal for which God had created them, as he created us. Before they were admitted to the Beatific Vision – the direct seeing of God in which all is bliss – they had to make the choice between God and self. And vast numbers of them, led by one, made the wrong choice. They fell. Hell was their portion.”

Excerpt from: To Know Christ Jesus. Chapter XI: Duel in the Desert. By F. J. Sheed.



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