Fire in the Minds of Men


In this book is an amazing chapter on occult organisations. Unfortunately the author shrinks from conclusions and excuses this explaining his method as inductive rather than deductive reasoning. When he does sum up at the end of various chapters and relies on his own voice instead of painstaking research he has little to say of any interest. The research reveals, however, information that confirms the roots of what people now call Freemasonry.

The story of this book is mainly about revolutionary activity in France and Germany which was often inflamed by Communists and Marxists in the early to mid 19th century. The author presents the origins of Masonry in France and shows how it was infiltrated by the Illuminati in the gardens and cafes of the Palais Royal in Paris in the period immediately preceding The French Revolution. Philip of Orleans, a Duke, provided the veneer of respectability concealing not only debauched low life activity but also political plots and nefarious schemes. There are about 150 pages of notes which verify a privileged and extensive research which confirms that not only a Bavarian Illuminati existed but by various means of deception, persuasiveness, power and exploitation infiltrated Masonry in France. Thereafter the Illuminati disappear as does much further mention of Freemasonry. It seems that what was once the Illuminati now becomes Freemasonry.

Within a few decades and after The French Revolution the minds of intellectual and continental men are more concerned with social justice. For them this means faith in revolution and in what Man can achieve when guided by political and social concerns. And what Man ‘achieved’ after the Communist Manifesto was first published on the 21st February, 1848, was a hundred years of death and destruction on a scale beyond anything before or since.

One might assume that the men who are called Illuminati now control Freemasonry under the guise of humanitarian ideals. The aim is as diabolical as it ever was and that is all one needs to know for by their fruits you shall know them. What are their fruits? One hundred million people have been killed due to Communist and Marxist ideology. Much of our Western culture today is Marxist in the form of political correctness. The fear of terrorism has increased due to multicultural policies instigated by politicians who then seek hundreds of new laws to deal with a situation they themselves have created. This includes increased surveillance and restrictions on free speech under the guise of ‘hate law’. 

Traditional values are thrown in the rubbish bin to make room for a perverted liberalism that would probably make even John Stuart Mill blush. Change is presented as something new and exciting but it is often another way of selling a deviant viewpoint that enslaves people who are fed entertainment, drugs, news, distractions and lies from morning until night. They have taken away people’s faith in God and replaced it with atheistic secular humanism. In the case of the UK this also means surrendering national sovereignty to supranational interests.

It may be of interest to know that there is a Masonic Lodge based in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. There is also a Masonic Lodge at Buckingham Palace in London. And another at the Vatican. The White House in Washington D.C. was designed by a Freemason. The French Revolution was orchestrated by Freemasonry as were revolutions in Italy and later in Russia in 1917. Why do they do it? The same reason why Satan fell from heaven. Pride.

Some people prefer their own way even if that way leads to moral destruction while others think they know better than God. Intellectualism, scientism, power, lust, wealth; worship of Man’s creation is idolatry in various forms. The roots of this diabolical story are found in the fourth chapter of this book: The Occult Origins of Organization. 

What is the answer? Read the words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament especially, The Gospel of Saint John.




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