The Unfolding Story of Mankind


Latest reading material

Quite a tome but considering the subject nothing else would do. Waiting for the right moment to dive into what promises to be a Roman Catholic education into the beginnings of Christianity and the Faith of millions of people for nearly two thousand years.

A remarkable book on the Spanish Civil War from a Catholic perspective by Prof. Warren Carroll. Highly recommended. Nearly seven thousand Priests and religious were slaughtered – mostly within six months – by Republican forces i.e. anarchists, communists and socialists. History as it is rarely, if ever, told by most secular Western academics.

Reveals all one needs to know about Modernism and how, as a philosophical movement, it has infiltrated the minds of those at the very top of the Church. As I see it, Modernism, or those who promulgate relativistic views associated with it, refuse to accept any evidence for Objective Truth which is crucial for an Orthodox Catholic Faith, believing instead that reality is, more or less, subjective i.e. something may be true for you, but not for me. Modernist adherents re-interpret biblical scripture according to their understanding of the latest scientific theories e.g. evolutionary theory (a theory which is increasingly discredited but this is largely unreported by the media) and what is often termed ‘progress’.

It has taken a year for me to read this monumental and deeply absorbing novel. Just a few pages of the epilogue to read. I spent some time deliberating on the best translation and after some comparison decided on the latest OUP version.

Yet to read. The back page notes say: “…shows that far from being a pacifist, St. Francis not only supported the Fifth Crusade, but also personally accompanied the Crusaders in order to convert the Muslims.”

Hilaire Belloc arrived this morning. “He affirms a special divine design in the story of Syria and particularly of Israel, reaching a climax in the event of the Crucifixion of `Christ.” First published in 1936. Reprinted by Ignatius Press in 2008.












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