On a wing and a prayer

A book review on the ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins


You will learn quite a lot about when to use adverbs in polemical discourse but next to nothing about God. Richard Dawkins has not a clue about religious experience. Like many arrogant and otherwise intelligent people he thinks that because he has not experienced God’s Grace then no one else has either. Dawkins needs more than a touch of humility, as well as Faith, before understanding why Christians for the past two thousand years have sacrificed their lives for Salvation in and through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. A man can never find true happiness without Jesus Christ. Two thousand years later and men still crucify their only hope of eternal salvation. Scientific arrogance, or should I say, scientism, has played its part in the story of Dawkins ideological atheism which is a descent into reductionism as you will discover by reading further into the book. In fact much of the atheist argument is subjectivist; everything is ‘self this’ and ‘self that’. The atheist creed is ‘me, me, me, me’; dressed-up as ‘you, you, you’.

That more or less is Marxism, another atheist ideology in the guise of equality and egalitarianism. Of course, there are different grades of goodness in God’s world of inequality and this is clearly explained by St. Thomas Aquinas in ‘The Summa’ whom Dawkins refuses to tackle. In the end though Satan must be having a good laugh at the useful idiots who convince people that there is no God thereby condemning countless souls to eternal torment and Hell. If you have trouble understanding or accepting a view contrary to Dawkins atheism try opening your mind to the thoughts of Saint Thomas Aquinas – Dawkins shrinks from any balanced appraisal of Aquinas by ridicule, but Dawkins simply reveals his theological prejudice. He seems to find a theological context perplexing, when in fact it is the greatest explanation for the existence of Mankind and the universe.

Saint Augustine wrote ‘Confessions’. And it is said to be the first classic autobiography. Try reading the full Penguin edition and also Saint Teresa of Avila’s life changing autobiography, or St. Catherine of Siena’s ‘Dialogues’, or the more recent ‘Gulag Archipelago’ by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn who writes about his experiences in the Soviet Union where atheism and Marxism once prevailed against liberty and freedom of conscience. What is the point of atheism? There is no point and we in England might find out sooner than most the consequences for our great apostasy.


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