The Virgin Mary


I sat at a table in a garden sipping a glass of whisky. It was a sunny afternoon with only the occasional wisp of cloud overhead. The conversation with someone I knew well was about to take an unexpected turn.

At this time I was completely unaware this was a Roman Catholic feast day for Mary The Mediatrix of all Graces. I was not especially interested in feast days. Even so I believed in the sanctity of Our Lady, Mother of God.

The subject changed. We exchanged glances. My friend held an empty tumbler in his hand. He had a question.

 “You don’t believe Mary was a virgin, do you?”

 “Yes, I do”, I said.

It sounded like a rhetorical question but it required a firm answer. My lukewarm faith had been challenged and, in the process, changed. We then talked about other things. The very next day while walking down a hill in North London I made a vow to Jesus Christ never to drink alcohol again. It was not something I intended to do, but it happened as if it were predestined. It was a promise I should have made a long time ago. For days afterwards the world seemed different somehow. On leaving London three days later I hardly remember a thing about the journey on the train home. After acknowledging what had happened, of having made a life-changing vow to Jesus Christ, I was concerned about the future and whether I would be able to keep my promise to God, but I had not reckoned on God’s Grace. There had been too many occasions, especially working abroad, when drinking alcohol led to sin. This time, however, things were different. I did not want or need to take any more chances. It was now time to truly live the faith in agreement with Traditional Catholic principles. Since making my vow I have discovered the beauty and truth of The Traditional Latin Mass and the importance of all the sacraments especially going to Confession and in praying The Rosary everyday. Praise be to God.


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