The Three Ages of the Interior Life


“We should pray as follows:


My God, make me know the obstacles which I more or less consciously place to the working of grace in my soul.


Show these obstacles to me at the moment when I am about to place them.


Give me the strength to remove them, and, if I am negligent in doing so,


do Thou deign to remove them, though I should suffer greatly.


I wish only Thee, Lord, who alone art necessary.


Grant that my life here on earth may be like an eternal life begun.


He who would say this prayer frequently would make great progress, which would be written in the book of life. Undoubtedly he would receive many crosses, but he would be borne by them more than he would bear them, as a bird is born by its wings more than it bears them.”




From, The Three Ages of the Interior Life, by Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.







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