Rhetorical Questions



Question: By what authority did they replace The Tridentine Mass with The Novus Ordo Mass?

Answer: None. 


By what authority have they changed the liturgy?

Answer: None.


By what authority have they replaced churches with monstrosities?

Answer: None.


When will Pope Francis stop persecuting traditional religious orders such as The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate?

Answer: Only when he has finished the job.


When will all Priests preach Catholic Church doctrine on the four last things: heaven, hell, death, and judgement?

Answer: Only when faith returns and God overturns the diabolical disorientation of those in control.


When will Cardinals and Bishops speak out against the infiltration of the Catholic Church by Freemasonry and Marxists?

Answer: The few that do are often found whistling in the wind of Modernist change.


What can we expect to happen?

Without a return to The Tridentine Mass – The Traditional Latin Mass – many souls will continue to be lost.


Nevertheless, many are expectant of an imminent End Times prophecy, which although initially catastrophic will herald a return to the One True Church of Roman Catholic Faith in and through Our Lord Jesus Christ.






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