The Infant Jesus of Prague



Image on front cover of this devotional booklet shows original statue of Infant Jesus of Prague.



Prayer of Rev. Cyrillus a Matre Dei. The first and most devoted venerator of the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague. 

Jesus, unto Thee I flee,

Through Thy Mother praying Thee

In my need to aid me.

Truly, I believe of Thee

God Thou art with strength to shield me;

Full of trust, I hope of Thee

Thou Thy grace wilt give to me. All my heart I give to Thee,

Therefore, do my sins repent me; From them breaking, I beseech Thee,

Jesus, from their bonds to free me. Firm my purpose is to mend me;

Never more will I offend Thee. Wholly unto Thee I give me,

Patiently to suffer for Thee, Thee to serve eternally.

And my neighbor like to me

I will love for love of Thee.

Little Jesus, I beg Thee,

In my need to aid me,

That with Joseph and Mary

And the angels, I may Thee

Once enjoy eternally.






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