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And if thy right eye scandalize thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee. For it is expedient for thee that one of thy members should perish, rather than that thy whole body be cast into hell.

Matthew 5:29


Having read just about anything of worth over the past few years and researched a whole raft of opinions and ideas I have had time to mull things under and arrived at a conclusion. This is a conclusion that is born against fashionable views and regular opinions. Not that these things are worth much, fashionable views rarely offer anything except distraction and a drift towards meaninglessness. After a lifetime of questions and study and some writing and even more experience – not all of it wanted and some of it very much regretted – my thoughts are washed ashore like flotsam and jetsam upon an inclining beach.

Looking down at the particulars of what can be seen I will describe what remains intact. For the most part it is a Catholic faith and this is a faith based upon a vow to Jesus Christ in whom my salvation depends. What surprised me is the grace that arrives after making such a vow – as long as it is a heartfelt sacrifice to an acknowledged Saviour. For many many years I hesitated before making my vow to Jesus because I did not truly believe I had the strength to carry out my promise. After reaching a point where it was difficult to descend much further I finally made that vow and discovered that divine assistance had empowered me so that I no longer felt enslaved. I have not drunk alcohol since June 2014. They say a man is only as strong as his weakest link and alcohol had undone whatever remained of my principles in my travels around the world. My weakest link became my strongest link. I thank Marya for her prayers and The Mediatrix of all Graces for hearing those prayers.

My faith in Catholicism affirms Roman Catholic traditional teaching and prefers to place some healthy distance between doctrine established over nearly two thousand years and the all pervasive modernist views which appear from almost anywhere these days. And I believe heaven and hell exist. The soul exists and is immortal. Modernists are inclined to speak of God’s mercy and love, but rarely his justice. Anyone would think that right and wrong no longer existed such is the silence from those who ought to know better. Diabolical disorientation is the most convincing explanation I have heard.

Eternal judgement not only makes sense but exposes the insufficiency and emptiness of relativist views that can often lead to meaninglessness and nihilism. I am reminded of a question on this subject of atheism while studying theology at university, which asked, whether we live in an alien world and incomprehensible universe? At the time of my protestant theological studies I knew of St. Anselm and that he had written: “For I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand. For this also I believe that unless I believe I shall not understand.”

Although I only saw the subjective impact of this and not the objective reality of God. If God was not a reality, how could I believe? This was conundrum I could not then solve. I placed far too much importance upon my own subjective experience and barely had any understanding of God’s grace. I did not know then that it is God who seeks Man. C.S. Lewis once described his conversion as being pursued (spiritually) while travelling on a bus going up Headington Hill in Oxford. He explains that he perceived himself as the object of God’s calling. This is God seeking Man, not Man searching for God.

When I made my vow to Jesus Christ it was to give up what had enslaved me to the world. Thinking back on what happened I realise this was a divine prerogative. By God’s grace my confidence had, some days beforehand, disappeared without trace, so when the time came, I was ready to make my vow and accept God’s grace. Pride in oneself can be a barrier to salvation even when we don’t have much to be proud of. How resistant we can be to our Creator! One moment I am walking alone down a pavement of a steep deserted road in North London and the next minute making a promise I had never intended. It was not for some days after I fully appreciated the significance of all this. The important thing was I now believed and understood.

After some weeks and months went by I decided to go on a religious retreat and confess my sins to a Priest. Only by arranging to do this did I become aware of how pleasing this was to God. The Prodigal Son, a well-known parable in The Gospel of St. Luke, illustrates the meaning of what my conversion meant to me, but it also informs of the need for the sinner to repent and ask for God’s forgiveness, which is stressed elsewhere in St. Luke 13:3, “…unless you shall do penance, you shall all likewise perish.” Yet few of us know with any certainty our eternal destination. All we can do, after we are satisfied that we are on the right path of orthodoxy, is to immerse ourselves in faith and tradition.

I believe in the Real Presence (Transubstantiation) of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I do not believe in modernist innovations and novelties or in the globalist ambitions of the new world order (NWO). I believe that satanic forces have infiltrated many established institutions and that television is no longer worth watching. I believe the news media is not only distracting and unedifying it is also secularist and atheistic propaganda. And fake news stories are often used for political purposes.

With all this in mind I recommend reading autobiographies (penguin books) by Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Augustine (Confessions).

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