Novus Ordo


This wonderful and illuminating book must rank as one of the most important publications in Catholic theology during the past fifty years. The main concern of the Church ought to be the salvation of souls and from my reading this is very much shared by the author who explains what has happened to the Mass and The Roman Catholic Church he so obviously loves. An essential and informative read for any devout Catholic.


May I assist at a sacrilegious Mass, which is nevertheless valid, in the absence of any other, in order to satisfy my Sunday obligation? These Masses cannot be the object of an obligation; we must moreover apply to them the rules of moral theology and canon law as regards the participation or the attendance at an action which endangers the faith or may be sacrilegious. The New Mass, even when said with piety and respect for the liturgical rules, is subject to the same reservations since it is impregnated with the spirit of Protestantism. It bears within it a poison harmful to the faith. That being the case the Catholic of today finds himself in the conditions of religious practice which prevail in missionary countries. There, the inhabitants in some regions are able to attend Mass only three or four times a year. The faithful of our country should make the effort to attend once each month at the Mass of All Time, the true source of grace and sanctification, in one of those places where it continues to be held in honour.”

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. (Excerpt from, Open Letter to Confused Catholics).







5 thoughts on “Novus Ordo

    • Wrong! I am a Roman Catholic. What are you? By the look of your avatar I hesitate to guess. Anyway, my first ever quote of Archbishop Lefebvre is quite telling, isn’t it? Deep down you know it is true unless, of course, you are subject to the diabolical disorientation which has infected the Church since Vatican II. By their fruits we shall know them , says Our Lord. We know the fruits of Vatican II. We now live in an age of The Great Apostasy. Pray The Rosary everyday. Then open your eyes. Ave Maria!

  1. Oh and I’m Roman Catholic by the cradle. *roll eyes at Avatar comment* Do you always take yourself so seriously?

    There is nothing telling by the quote or your comments. It’s holding on to an antiquarian idea, not a traditional one.

    He is no Bishop, The Church has excommunicated his soul. “The mass of all ages” is one that was a product of the counter-reformation to keep ignorant clergy from actually liturgical abuses like superstitious prayers and omitting prayers like the our father. Trent only made the negative point that the Latin must be preserved, which it is, and which Vatican II acknowledged.

    It’s apparent that you have a facile understanding of the history surrounding Trent, either that, or you still practice index of prohibited books.

    • “The smoke of Satan has entered The Church.”

      Pope Paul VI (1965)

      You need to research more on the subject since you truly believe The Church is in fine shape. It isn’t. It is in a mess of massive and modernist proportions. The diabolical disorientation began at the very top and has sunk down to the level of diatribe you yourself have chosen to exhibit here. You are quick to accuse others yet if I were to ask you whether you believed there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church, what would be your answer? Think very carefully, for if you disagree, you might label yourself a heretic. As for the Council of Trent it was made clear that no one has the authority to make revolutionary changes to the Mass of Ages, the one true Mass: The Tridentine Mass.

      The Council of Trent infallibly decreed:

      If anyone shall say that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church accustomed to be used in the solemn administration of the Sacraments may be disdained or omitted by the minister without sin and at pleasure, or may be changed to other new ones by any pastor of the churches, whomsoever let him be anathema.” (Session 7, Canon 13, Dz 856; D.S. 1613)

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