Radical Traditionalists


Modernists speak of the ‘Dark Ages’ as a period of time prior to the Enlightenment.  The Enlightenment followed on from the French Revolution. Until recently I might have agreed with prevailing fashionable views until I read the books listed below.

It takes a while to find a view in this world independent of distractions. The secular news media bias is especially distracting and for this reason I rarely if ever watch television these days. Anyway here are my book recommendations in finding views contrary to the world at large. Ave Maria.


One book in three parts. The Divine Comedy by Dante. This edition published by Penguin books is valued for its wonderful introductions, commentaries and notes as well as presenting the poetry of Dante in Italian and English. Although the best translation into English is the edition published by Oxford University Press. 


A Summa of the Summa by Peter Kreeft presents theology for everyman. I studied theology many years ago. Unfortunately many students found modern theological thinking undermined their faith. If, however, they had had the chance to study this fine introduction to the work of St. Thomas Aquinas I rather think the reverse would have been the case.


Changed my understanding of what has happened to our world. Solzhenitsyn truly triumphed against all lies and against all odds. No wonder he is disliked by modernists. The book of the 20th century.


I had never considered the worth of mystical theology until reading this life-changing 16th century autobiography by Saint Teresa of Avila.


Explodes modern myths which often undervalue the writing of anyone prior to 1789. Saint Augustine wrote his groundbreaking autobiography in about 400 AD so make up your own mind.


This wonderful and illuminating book must rank as one of the most important publications in Catholic theology during in the past fifty years. The main concern of the Church ought to be the salvation of souls and from my reading this concern is very much shared by the author who explains what has happened to the Mass and The Roman Catholic Church he so obviously loves. An essential read for any Catholic, but more for those who have been duped into accepting Modernist culture and opinions which has its own hidden agenda.


A riveting first-hand account of life as a persecuted Catholic Priest in Protestant Tudor England. For details on what happened to England and the English during this time see book below.


Possibly the first informed unbiased account – the author was born in the 18th century and not a Catholic – on The Protestant Rebellion.


Another first-hand historical account from a soldier on the ground, and up in the battlements, that is more reliable than any modern novelist’s imagination.


It is essential for any Christian to know more about the life, death and resurrection. The author of To Know Christ Jesus describes and explains the foreground and background with especial regard for context and faith. One of the most edifying books I have ever read


Essential reading for anyone who wants to know how this religious order went from a deserved reputation for innovation and obedience to the Holy See; to Liberation Theology, sociopolitical concerns and Marxism. This book reveals the true extent of misguided and modernist leadership.


A wonderful biographical account written shortly after the death of St. Catherine in 1380 AD by her spiritual director revealing an extraordinary life devoted to God.




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6 thoughts on “Radical Traditionalists

  1. Thank you for this list. My husband and I are reading St. Augustine now. Have you read ‘The Poem of the Man-God’ by Maria Valtorta? That, along with Thomas a Kempis’ ‘Imitation of Christ’ were life-changing for us.

    • Thank you. I have not read The Poem and will look to find out more on it. I have read some of The Imitation of Christ and the sentence which remains in my mind from this book is that ‘the grace of God is not available to the worldly-minded’ or words to such effect.

      By the way I have just searched online for The Poem you mention and find that it is in four volumes with each book costing from £40 to £400. Do you know how to obtain this book at minimal cost?

      • Wow, I had no idea those volumes were so hard to come by. They were given to us by my husband’s grandmother. I also checked ‘The Gospel as Revealed to Me’ by Maria Valtorta, which is the same content as the ‘Poem’ but in ten paper-back volumes, and same thing. Pretty pricey. It seems on Amazon you can find the original hardcovers individually and that might be the best way to go. I’ll keep my eyes open…

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