The EU: Why the UK must leave



Here are some reasons for the UK leaving the EU:

Uncontrolled immigration has led to massive overpopulation and overcrowding in a small country.

The rate of immigration is now fast approaching nearly one million souls a year. Mainstream media usually give only net immigration figures.

The UK offers one of the most generous welfare benefits systems in the world including free treatment on the NHS and free housing without contributions.

The NHS was meant for soldiers returning from fighting WW2 and thereafter meant to provide a society with better free healthcare.

As of 2014 the welfare benefits system was costing about £63,000,000,000 every year.

The UK national debt stands at approximately £1,625,000,000,000 and rising substantially every hour.

The UK is broke yet its politicians continue to invite the world and his wife to the UK.

Thousands of EU laws: 60% of new laws in the UK originate from Brussels.

The collapse of the British Fishing Industry.

The EU costs the British taxpayer £350,000,000 a week.

The EU is a template for a New World Order.



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