Before the gateway


The Dialogue was dictated by Saint Catherine of Siena who was one of twenty-five children and lived in the time and region of 14th century Italy. The context is spiritual welfare. A conversation takes place. Saint Catherine writes down what God says to her. She asks God four theological questions. What is extraordinary is that God explains so much yet few mention this or know anything about it. After my reading I was left with the impression that death is not the final gateway but an entrance for souls to begin a pilgrimage of love back to the source of all love – the Maker of souls: God.

Of course, some decide to take a different route, and this course is described as a river leading to hell. This journey is often made in despair and the result of sins such as, for example; pride, conceit, lust and selfishness. God explains that while alive we are free to choose whether to love or to hate. For those that choose the way of faith and love God explains that the crucifixion of Christ is a bridge of atonement that spans the gap between heaven and earth, God and Man. Grace is also available for those who repent of their sins. From what I have learnt it seems worth the effort.

“I who am invisible made myself, as it were, visible by giving you the Word, my Son, veiled in your humanity… .”

Quote From: The Dialogue Catherine of Siena, Classics of Western Spirituality.

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