An excellent overview of Catholic Church history is presented in part one of this recent publication. Part two deals with the Roman Catholic Church since Vatican II. After much reading from other sources I can only agree with the views as they are expertly expressed by the author. For me the argument pivots upon an intelligible answer to the author’s last sentence in a chapter on the destruction of the Tridentine Mass with especial regard to the legal status of the old and new rites. He writes :

“As a matter of law, there is no obligation on any priest to use the Missal of Paul VI for any celebration, and the only liturgy that has universal right in the Latin Church is the one decreed by Pope St. Pius V in the bull Quo Primum.”

My only real quibble, apart from using the example of John Maynard Keynes (Director of the British Eugenics society from 1937 to 1944) as a sound economist given massive national debts largely based on Keynesian economics, is that the faults of John XXIII do not appear to be as closely examined as they might have been especially considering John XXIII failed to act, after opening the letter by Sister Lucia in 1960, according to the wishes of Our Lady.



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