Roses are pink

Most roses have thorns but some pictures hide this fact. In much the same way the media can disguise historical facts by recycling a prevailing fashionable view for popular consumption.


During the Summer I read a few books on the ancient Roman and Greek world and this included a book by the Roman historian Suetonius entitled, The Twelve Caesars. Contrary to opinions frequently broadcast by the BBC over the past twenty years I have discovered that those who ruled the ancient Roman Empire were often not quite as fond of multiculturalism as the BBC would have us believe. This is why:

Augustus (63 BC – 14 AD): “Augustus thought it most important not to let the native Roman stock be tainted with foreign or servile blood, and was therefore very unwilling to create new Roman citizens or permit the manumission of more than a limited number of slaves.”

Tiberius (42 BC – 37 AD) : “He abolished foreign cults at Rome, particularly the Egyptian and Jewish, forcing all those who had embraced these superstitions to burn their religious vestments and other accessories.”

Claudius (11 BC – 54 AD): “Claudius undertook to create no new senator unless he could prove that his ancestors had been Roman citizens for five generations.”




For another story about BBC historical revisionism see link:


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