Pirates of the Mass


The quote below appears in a thread on a recent discussion about Pope Francis. I think it captures the essence of the thing. See link for article published by The Remnant newspaper online:




“Look, please, just get it clearly into your heads: Bergoglio isn’t a Catholic, he’s the leader of a non-Catholic religious sect which started formally with Vatican II.

Kasper, Forte, the Germans, the Belgians, many of the French, the English, the likes of Wuerl, Mahoney, Cupich in the States – they aren’t Catholics but are members of this sect, just as are all those who belong to this “Novus Ordo” religion. It simply isn’t Catholicism. So it’s not enough to say “Bergoglio is a heretic” when he isn’t even a Catholic in the first place.

This sect started off more or less with a conservative protestant slant, but has morphed over the years into a poisonous mix of liberal protestantism and neo-paganism with significant judaizing and Masonic elements. Don’t attempt to measure it or its adherents by Catholic measures. This is THE reason why so many Traditionalists even now cannot see truly what is going on; why they ask ‘Why are they doing all this?’; why the sect gets away with everything it does.

The Hierarchy and Novus Ordo Catholics are all the adherents of a non-Catholic religion. Get this clearly into your heads and everything falls perfectly into place.”



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