The Way of Divine Love

Help Me to make My love for men known, for I come to tell them that in vain will they seek happiness apart from Me, for they will not find it. Suffer, Josefa, and love, for we two must win these souls.

Our Lord to Sister Josefa Menendez.

This is a biography on the spiritual life of Sister Josefa Menendez who consecrated her life to Jesus Christ. She joined the Order of The Sacred Heart of Jesus in France and died in December 1923 aged 33.


‘I want you not only to draw these souls closer to Me, but to pay their debt, so that they owe no further reparation to My Father.’ He explained. It was four o’clock when He said to me: ‘Now I am going, and I will come back when your turn comes round again.’ He took His Cross and vanished…and all suffering left me.”


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