By their fruits we shall know them


Nothing will be solved while the MSM and a variety of institutions are infiltrated by Neo-Marxists.


A Marxist viewpoint – and the problem is that many are unable to see that everyday platitudes are now Marxist – (*example below) there can be no solution and much gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair and an ever increasing amount of taxpayers’ money thrown at self-made sociopolitical problems.


The truth is we are all different. Different people different cultures. Different abilities and different problems


The redeeming quality of Christianity in a British way of life was the recognition, if not practice, of all being equal under God.


Saint Thomas Aquinas once asked whether the inequality of things was from God? and concluded, ‘…the universe would not be perfect if only one grade of goodness were found in things’.


A Godless society is unable to deal fundamentally with issues of equality because equality does not and cannot exist without state interference and social engineering.


With God people can and do transcend their existence and their lives. Personal testimony by the million attests to this fact.


* ‘The workers have no country’ is a view once expounded by the founder of communism. In other words what was once the opinion of Karl Marx is now a dressed up left liberal platitude: a world without borders.




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