Campaigns of the mind and soul

IMG_2067A student of Aristotle.


Science tells us how the world works but cannot say anything remotely comprehensible about why we exist.

Many have read not a sentence written by Charles Darwin yet maintain that Darwinism has clinched the atheist argument. The evidence, however, is not as compelling as some might wish to believe. One would have thought 150 years was enough time (since the theory of evolution was first made public) for transitional fossil forms to have been found. Yet they do not appear to exist. There have been many claims and then, decades later, these claims have been debunked.

More recently a bird type fossil is argued as proof of a transitional form, but after further investigation the claim appears far from conclusive. Besides, one would have expected the appearance of millions of transitional fossil forms given the amount of animals that have lived and died on Earth.

The lack of transitional fossil forms would have deeply concerned Darwin. Indeed, he suggested that evidence to support his theory of natural selection would be available in fossil form underneath the oceans; but so far science has failed to come up with this evidence except for the beforementioned bird.

Another approach to advance the authority of science over any other form of knowledge is with reference to carbon dating and that the Earth existed billions of years ago. Whether this is true is besides the point since this does not disprove the existence of God.

God as Prime Mover (unmoved mover) is a concept derived from ancient Greece and Aristotle. No matter how old the Earth is the Big Bang Theory points to a first cause. And there is no better answer to a first cause than the existence of God. Of course some now seek a new model of the universe that has no beginning. No doubt they will demonstrate the compelling evidence and ten years hence, if we are still here, this theory too will be debunked.

Alexander sought and found glory on the battlefield rather than in the mind and soul. Science has conquered much cerebral territory, but without acknowledging the existence of the soul what does it profit a man if he gains the whole universe?



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