After posting a blog this morning about my experience of seeing prehistoric art in a cave in France a friend emailed me. He wrote: “that must have been one of your greatest experiences”. It was. Here are some others.

My first view of the Grand Canyon, USA.

Stepping into St. Peter’s Church, Rome.

Staying overnight on a Himalayan mountain top and watching an eagle glide between mountain ranges during sunrise.

Walking in the snow covered Alps.

Walking the Camino (500 miles) across Spain in 32 days.

Teaching my first class in China.

Writing and publishing an autobiography.

Gaining a Bth (hons) Oxon.

And later, a CELTA Cambridge teaching certificate.


But nothing above comes close to the grace and life-changing experience of making a vow to Jesus Christ. God’s will is always best, but we must surrender in obedience to our Lord and saviour. And staying the course in prayer and rosary. I have learnt that the road to perdition is in taking a different route.


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