The Script



Q. Was Voltaire a Freemason?

A. Yes, he was persuaded by Benjamin Franklin to become a Freemason a month before he died in Paris.

Q. Was Freemasonry responsible for the French Revolution?

A. Some of the most prominent members of the French Revolution were Freemasons.

Q. Who were they?

A. Voltaire, Marquis de Lafayette, Marquis de Condorcet, Miraveau, Georges Danton, The Duke of Orleans and Hebert.

Q. What is Freemasonry?

A. It is a secret society that is said to have had a hand in the French Revolution, The American Revolution and The Russian Revolution.

Q. Why? I mean what can be gained from Revolutions?

A. Money and power.

Q. How many Freemasons are there in England?

A. There is said to be about 250,000 in the UK.

Q. Is there a Masonic Lodge at The Houses of Parliament?

A. There is said to be so.

Q. Is there a Masonic Lodge at Buckingham Palace?

A. There is said to be so.

Q. What is the purpose of Freemasonry?

A. Ostensibly to further human enlightenment and the brotherhood of man. Liberal values of tolerance and equality.

Q What is wrong with that?

A. Nothing except on further scrutiny Freemasonry appears to be a quasi-religious sect not unlike what one might expect of someone who practices manichaeism or modern form of gnosticism i.e. spiritual elitism. The elect rise in degrees to greater knowledge of the secrets of freemasonry so it is entirely possible that an initiate does not know or follow the same ideas as his worshipful master. But most submit to the belief in a ‘Supreme Being’ although there is some (necessary?) ambiguity about the identity of this particular ‘Supreme Being’. It is unlikely, therefore, to be the Christian God since Jesus Christ is not considered any more important than any other religious leader. Freemasonry appears to promote what we now know as moral relativism. The Enlightenment and subsequent secular ideas such as Darwinism, Marxism (Leon Trotsky, a pre-eminent Russian revolutionary, is said to have been a Freemason), and Freud (Sigmund Freud is also considered to have been a Freemason) can be seen as not incompatible with a relativistic outlook.

Q. Are all Freemasons aware of their role in history and their ever-present political influence?

A. Most unlikely. Most Masons are unaware of the secrets involving those who run the House of Baraku.

Q. Was Sir Winston Churchill a Mason?

A. For less than a year. But Sir Winston Churchill left soon after joining for reasons that are not public.

My impression of Freemasonry is that it is a very powerful influence not just on the political make-up of the United Kingdom but is an undemocratic organization that has shaped the destiny of France, America and Russia. The EU is quite probably another political power project devised behind closed doors. The Protestant ‘Reformation’ (devastation) of Europe in the 16th century marginalized the influence of the Catholic Church thereby promoting a personal interpretation of scripture for personal and political purposes. In other words, a power vacuum in Europe was filled by those who sought power for their own reasons. These include the Ex-Augustinian monk Martin Luther and King Henry VIII of England. England went from a happy country, where an average of three people a year were jailed in each county according to William Cobbett, to something like 60,000 people in prison at certain periods of later Tudor times. Not that the ‘Reformation’ is linked with freemasonry, but what came after shows that freemasonry thrived during the 18th century when secular ideas fermented and grew into the minds of sinister intellectuals who considered their opinions and desires demanded attention, and often promoted anti-Catholic rhetoric for the sake of prestige and influence. In other words traditional values and a traditional faith were supplanted by selfish considerations and a persuasive yet ultimately corrupt rhetoric gained more and more attention in a culture that no longer had the bulwark of the once mighty Catholic faith to protect it. The French Revolution is said to have opened up a path to human rights and what is commonly called ‘The Enlightenment’ but what it led to were deaths, murders, revolutions, tyranny, wars, inequality, atheism and oppression while a few in control of events became more powerful and rich and influential than anyone else on earth. These are the people that now shape our country, culture and news media. Don’t trust anything the media tell you for those who are in control have their own agenda and are not concerned about what is best for the country or its people. It would be better to turn off the television indefinitely; at best it is distraction and at worst an alternative form of brainwashing not unlike the shadows in Plato’s cave.

Q. What to do then?

A. Jesus Christ said: I am the way, the Truth and the Life. No on one comes to the Father except though Me.

Eternity beckons for us all. There are two paths. Don’t be fooled by the spiritual elitists for they have fooled themselves. Follow Jesus Christ. There is no other way.


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