If others are to blame can Man ever be genuinely responsible for his actions?


If, as psychoanalysis has it, others are to blame for your actions, then it is impossible for you to make any genuine repentance for your sins, since the events of your childhood have determined not only your experience but your desires. This, however, is not free will. This is determinism and means that Man cannot repent of his sins since he is not to blame. This is the world of modernity and Freudian pseudoscience where free will is compromised by a determinist outlook. Generally speaking, Freudian secular dogma argues that we are not fully responsible for our actions since these are hidden in the depths of childhood experience which drives our desires, hopes, dreams and wishes. By making conscious unconscious drives we can gain control of our actions and thereby our lives. Is this true? Or is this yet another gnostic heresy?


I think Freudian theory undermines free will and human responsibility thereby making any confession of sin meaningless because, as Freud might have it, others are to blame. And if others are to blame how can I be responsible?


After considering whether this analysis of a Freudian psychology is a fair one – and there are numerous versions that conveniently resist definition – it is likely that any evaluation will be considered by experts to be insufficient or wrong. Nevertheless, I was unsurprised to learn that some have likened psychoanalysis with Marxism. Moreover, the protagonist, Sigmund Freud, is said to have been a Freemason.


There appear to be hidden forces at work in our world and it would be better if these were made conscious.

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