Rainbows, flowers and other things

Do you think that life after death or the idea that death is merely an illusion is one of faith?


I believe in the existence of the soul and that it finds happiness in its Creator and not in what He has created. Otherwise, and to borrow an idea from Saint Augustine; if I could live forever on this earth and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, why is it that by satisfying my every whim I would still be unable to find any deep contented happiness?

The answer is given by Saint Augustine: “All that you asked of me was to deny my own will and accept yours.” For more see, “Confessions”. It was written in about 400AD. I know that some refuse to read anything written prior to 1789 but I’m not one of them.


How would you react if quantum scientists proved categorically that consciousness exists independent of the brain and that in all likelihood there is in fact a creator?


My guess is that this might well happen but since the worth of human existence for ‘the religious’ is through faith I imagine that supernatural events will conclude this particular existence before this comes to pass.

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