Infiltration & Subversion




“First, religious lessons will become optional; then, after a suitable delay, religious lessons will be suppressed outright; finally, we shall have lessons in Marxist philosophy in their place.”
Cardinal Josef Mindszenty (1948).




The infiltration of State Education is not unique to Britain. The same thing is said to have happened in America. What is strange is that many people remain unaware of what has happened to their education system. But after reading the quote by Cardinal Mindszenty one might notice the tactics have not really changed over the years.

Lenin coined the term political correctness in 1922. Since The British Labour Party were elected into power in 1997 political correctness has gained more and more influence in teaching children in State Education.

The Conservatives have done little to repeal nearly five thousand new laws that have been introduced by the Labour Party during their thirteen years in government. The political class are very much alike in what they say and do.

Political correctness is considered to be a euphemism for Marxism; used to conceal its true purpose and ideology. Marxism is state control; control of thought and opinion. Marxism is the Orwellian nightmare; appearing in the laws and education of a government near you. A quote from 1948 becomes the reality of Orwell’s, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Note: Cardinal Mindszenty was imprisoned for eight years by Communist authorities and during this period was interrogated and tortured believing that his execution was at one time imminent. He was freed in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.


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