Shrinking Britain

The oncoming Scottish Referendum for independence will have a political impact on Britain whatever the result but the views expressed by the British journalist Peter Hitchens are of particular interest in this regard. He writes:


“Anyway, the EU’s intentions towards the United Kingdom are, it seems to me to, encourage the secession of Scotland and Wales, and to encourage the incorporation of Northern Ireland into a four-region, EU dependent Ireland, so diminishing Great Britain and the UK, and then to (how shall I put this?) Balkanize England into ‘Regions’ which will increasingly be oriented towards Brussels and Frankfurt. The recent quiet transformation of London into a sort of presidential republic, multicultural and very separate from England, seems to me to be a key step towards this. When the process is over, England and Britain will be no more, having no political, legal or economic significance, remembered only in Shakespeare festivals and Morris-dancing.”


The above opinion animates my own views on the subject which follow:


In a nutshell: The Scots will be even more dependent on the EU after gaining their ‘independence’ than before it. And with no prospect of UKIP to help them the Scots are unwittingly defining their identity for greater enslavement to a supranational power that will take far more than it appears to provide.


The EU desires the enslavement of the people in this island of ours presently known as Britain. We have allowed too many neo-Marxists to take too much control of our nation. The EU is a Socialist Federal State and is a template for global and economic power. The EU seeks to divide Britain into regions and the devolutionary policies enacted by respective Labour and Tory governments is evidence of a betrayal of such huge proportions that traitors gate is not big enough to contain those implicated.


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