On Tolstoy.


In Tolstoy’s War & Peace he writes in the epilogue a personal view of history. It is determinist. Events unfold despite our best or worst intentions. More or less this is the opinion of Tolstoy.


We have free will but that will is subject to the sea of change much like a swimmer in the ocean. The masses decided the current of opinion and this is what we call history. But is this true?


With regards to ethics and morality I would say it is false. If a person is unable to distinguish or discern whether an action is right or wrong what is the point of calling yourself a Christian?


Yet Tolstoy considered himself a Christian. He may have had anarchic views within a Christian context but he would have considered himself to be a Christian.


But his opinions at the end of War & Peace reveal a determinist and collectivist viewpoint that is nearer to Marxism than Christianity. Seven years after the death of Tolstoy came the Russian Revolution when the world was turned on its head.


Economically and over time this changed again to a world run largely on the capitalist model but culturally the Christian way has been corrupted and usurped in the West by a Marxist and atheistic inclined viewpoint which has infiltrated almost every institution and area of civic life in England.


Immanuel Kant once wrote about the primacy of free will when making moral or ethical choices. It is called the Categorical Imperative and is posited as a universal law.


If we did not have free will to act morally or ethically as we see fit; if we were unable to make such decisions based upon personal evaluation of right and wrong, it would make little or no sense to complain when others treated us badly.


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