Achieve the impossible



To be read daily. Read on consecutive days for four to six weeks. Read from beginning to end for best results.

By reading the Gulag Archipelago all left-wing Marxist ideas will have been replaced with a new found respect for tradition and common sense. Obligations will be seen as important as rights. In his writing of the Gulag experience in the Soviet Union Solzhenitsyn raises the readers consciousness beyond the Hegelian dialectic and Marxist atheist materialism and the anti-humanity of communism by revealing what it is like to live in a society made corrupt by fear: constant fear, servitude, secrecy, mistrust, ignorance, betrayal, lies, cruelty and slave psychology. These nouns were chosen by Solzhenitsyn to refer to the reality of Marxism and the evolution of this thinking into communist ideology.

This book is an antidote for Leftists or Marxists incapable of giving up their ideology. An ideology that caused the deaths of over one-hundred million people in the 20th century.

The author achieved the impossible. He survived.

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