Shades of Blue

As time passes it has become ever more apparent that UK society and culture is being destroyed by Multiculturalism. It continues unabated because the British government of any hue wants more and more immigration regardless of skills. The benefits system was meant for people who had contributed something towards it or were, through no fault…

After the Regatta

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A Cornish Regatta

Every summer in many coastal villages in England there are sports events at sea featuring boats and yachts. There are serious races and fun races. Young and old mix together in a friendly traditional atmosphere. Here are some pictures that show what sort of day it is. I hope you have enjoyed the view. Unauthorized…

A prayer from the Gulag

Does God, who is Perfect Love, allow This imperfection in our lives? The soul must suffer first, to know The perfect bliss of paradise… Harsh is the law, but to obey Is for weak men the only way To win eternal peace. Anatoly Vasilyevich Silin.