The Unenlightenment


The Bastille prison in Paris was stormed in 1789: seven prisoners were found and apparently annoyed at the intrusion.


The Tambnov prison – about 400 miles south of Moscow – is another revolutionary tale of freedom from incarceration at the hands of the aristocracy.


How many prisoners did they find in the Russian February Revolution of 1917? Seven.


So what do the infamous prisons of modern history have in common?




Both prisons of historical renown were stormed by revolutionaries and found to contain seven prisoners in each prison.


Two famous revolutions revealed a total of fourteen prisoners. Seven in each prison. Both the French and the Russian revolutionary regimes were atheistic and both regimes went on to slaughter their own people.

The French ‘Reign of terror’ murdered about 40,000 people. The Soviet Gulag system and other anti-humanity political acts are said by Alexander Solzhenitsyn to have claimed 66,000,000 lives (from the October Revolution of 1917 to 1959).

Is this what they call ‘equality’ or ‘The Enlightenment’?

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