Plain sailing


There was something in her smile that seemed like a sneer. A contempt for love is the best way I can explain it.


The man who loved her opened the door letting in fresh air. I noticed a sudden change in temperature. “Bye”, they said. The door slammed shut revealing details of wood, metal and glass reverberating seconds after. It was for them another evening out. I stared at the ceiling and heard the sound of an engine. The car sped away as did my mind.


Alone in the small empty house I opened the fridge. Inside the light revealed cold raw bacon. I took and ate greedily. I knew food often had to be cooked but, aged ten, I did not think it mattered overly. This habit resulted in food poisoning. ‘Salmonella’ they called it. Maggots had filled my body; a life within life – yet there was something like death in it.


In hospital eating habits changed. I still ate alone but I had a new diet. And I could watch television if I wanted. And my parents could still go to the pub, after visiting me, naturally.


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