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“The Christian ought to form an invincible resolution to become as perfect as possible, and take the life and doctrine of the Saviour as his pattern.


The means for this purpose are, walking before God – that is, a constant introversion and inwardness, so that the attention is continually directed to that which passes in the soul, and every inclination not acceptable to God is stifled at birth.


With this exercise, unceasing or inward prayer must be connected, which consists in a continued inclination to, and an habitual dependence upon, God, even in the smallest matters.


All this must be practiced in a state of constant tranquility and inward humiliation before God.


In order to render it easy, the individual must seek solitude and retirement as much as is consistent with his outward calling.”

Principles revealed in the correspondence of Gerhard Tersteegen (1697 – 1769)

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