Democracy in peril

My God! What more evidence do people need? The EU are now debating on laws which would force British citizens to hand over financial information to the EU. This is the latest infringement on civil liberties, as I see it, being debated by Brussels.

There are some who have consistently argued that I have imagined not only a pernicious cultural marxism in our midst but the increasing loss of national sovereignty which they see as no or little importance. It will be interesting to see their faces when the EU demand details of their private financial affairs.

There is only one logical solution to this marxist inspired tyranny and this is to vote against those who have declared themselves supporters of the European Union at every turn. All three major parties are on the EU gravy train at taxpayers’ expense. It is my sincere wish that the British people will wake-up and take back control of their country. Democracy is in peril.

For details see the Telegraph article entitled: EU to force Britons to publish details of wills and property

“A bill being debated in Brussels would force UK citizens to disclose ‘reams’ of private, financial information on a public register.”


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