Another inconvenient truth

Global warming is out. People are now writing about global cooling. Did you not know. Keep up.

See link:

What was global warming then? Was it true?

Many believed it and many still do. It makes me think about a WW2 story I once heard. In an effort to unite the nation and boost morale it was decided that the public should collect spare kitchen pots and pans and hand them to the authorities to be melted down. In turn the wartime British coalition government took away the fences and gates of parks and other public areas. The metal and iron would be used to further the war effort by building more ships and tanks and guns. But it was a lie. The metal was dumped and never used. It created, however, a sense of being in this together; a message now urgently needed in multicultural societies around the world.

Today I hear that there is no clearly defined enemy. Perhaps not one that most politicians would care to define. The weather, however, the perfect enemy. It raises no flag. It speaks no language. The weather has no religion or politics or propaganda. Statistics are sometimes skewed and any information received to the contrary of a global warming viewpoint is airbrushed out of public view or argued as uninformed.

In the world of global warming we are all in this together. One big happy family fighting against the weather. Those politicians, or more accurately those who tug on the apron strings, are damned clever. There was a time – about a decade or so ago – when I almost believed them.



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